Introducing Captain Hyrule: Twilight Soldier! This is the first in a series of paintings I am putting together that mash the world of Nintendo and Marvel together. Not an entirely original Idea but I hope to put my own spin on presenting the theme. The idea started of as a simple sketch:
I was still working on my signature too. Oh well. But this sparked an idea to put a whole series together.
Here's two more sneak peeks for you…
I got so caught up in the sketch and the piece below…
… That I came to realize it's very close the release date of the new Captain America movie. This all of a sudden felt outdated and the pose became boring. So I went back to the drawing board.
I decided to add another character to the concept and came up with Dark Link as the "Winter Soldier", or in this case, "The Twilight Soldier".  Here's a quick little progression gif to wrap it all up. I hope you enjoyed this. I look forward to showing you more in the near future. - Davee Bee

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