Jess Wrestles Grizzly Bear | Wedding commission

This is a commission for two illustrations that are meant to be printed on bags being given away during my client's wedding day. They represent her time with her fiancé.

This client reached out to me through a friend. She wanted me to make two illustrations that represent her life with her soon to be husband. The artwork will then be printed on bags being given away during her wedding.
The idea was to portray her fiance as a grizzly bear, untamed, and unwilling to settle down as she tried wrangling her in. The final image was to show that the grizzly bear/fiance is finally ready to commit, and all it took was a bit of "hunny".
My client wanted me to make her look like a sexy, super busty, cavewoman. I will update once I get a physical copy of the bags she is going to have these images printed on.

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