Davee Bee Logo and Title Card

This is a Title Card I created from my newly designed logo for Davee Bee(The Brand Name for my work). It's intention is to introduce any motion graphics tests, final videos, and blog videos. I might have put this up too early considering I'm going to apply sound to the opening. Oh well, I hope you enjoy it. Critiques are welcome!

I finally tweeked this title card to be an intro for all of my new videos. I added sound for this project as well. I've had sound on the previous submission. I just neglected to make sure it was a part of this. You might notice a small amount of color editing and better texture and motion blur on the logo.
For as long as I have owned daveebee.com I am ashamed to never have given myself a proper logo or identity. I didn't take it seriously enough. I'm working on new things and launching my site soon. So I give you my new Logo and a video title card that will introduce any of my FX uploads. Sorry for not having much WIP shots for the video. I was so excited when I was making it, that I didn't even turn on screenflow. From bottom to top was my progression to the flat logo design. I might add color to it later.
… The rest. One of these was my final decision.
this was my first attempt at my logo in Illustrator. I made a few more before getting it right…

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